New Products Conference

September 30 - October 3, 2018

The Marquette
Minneapolis, MN

Nothing can compare to attending the New Products Conference in person, however you will be able to join select sessions remotely through our Broadcasting Live program. See below for available sessions and register in advance to participate in these informative webinars. In addition to attending these sessions while they are happening, by registering you will be able to view them on-demand to play back as you like after the event ends.

Monday September 11

11:00 am (1:00 pm EDT)


Conagra Brands: Accelerating Growth Through Innovation

Speaker: Barry Calpino, Vice President of Innovation, Conagra Brands

Successful new product innovation requires a broad-minded, disciplined approach to properly invest resources and collaborate across the organization. Growth drivers and consumer behavior are quickly evolving so companies must be ready to adapt to win in the changing landscape. This takes creativity, entrepreneurship, agility and effective collaboration. Join Calpino for a look inside Conagra’s Growth Center of Excellence — as he discusses how to leverage cross-functional teams build an innovation pipeline and accelerate growth for organizations.

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3:15 pm (5:15 pm EDT)


Applications for the New FDA Sugar Labeling Laws

Speaker: Jim Painter, PHD, RD, Professor at University of Texas –Houston

Since the 1960s sugar has been associated with many chronic diseases, however, it was so overshadowed by the demonization of fat, food innovation has not prioritized reducing added sugars... until today. Dr. Painter will address how product innovators can proactively respond to reduce added sugar now and in the future.

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Tuesday, September 12

8:30 am (10:30 am EDT)


Keynote Address: Tomorrow's Store Shelf: Where's the Win-Win for Processors, Retailers?

Speaker: Errol Schweizer, Co-Founder, BeyondBrands; Owner, Errol Schweizer LLC and Former Vice President of Grocery at Whole Foods

Errol now shares his insights with his own clients and is a partner with BeyondBrands, a firm dedicated to growing the conscious products industry. Come hear Errol share thoughts about today’s consumer, retailing and insights about processor-retailer new product “co- development.”

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3:00 pm (5:00 pm EDT)


Creating the Sabra Product Experience: The Art & Science of Product and Packaging Design

Speaker: Tulin Tuzel, Chief Technology Officer, Sabra Dipping Company LLC

Hear Tulin Tuzel, Chief Technology Officer, discuss Sabra’s approach and how consumer insights and trends influence product and package development.

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